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VanilleActiv2 from Heilala Vanilla Beans

Under the Polynesian sun, vanilla vines climb high from the rich, fertile soil amongst the unspoilt beauty of the Kingdom of Tonga. This island needs no filter: It is the postcard of dreams with luscious greenery, pristine coral reefs that fringe powder white beaches lapped by more shades of blue than we knew existed. Tonga’s climatic conditions make it the perfect environment for growing vanilla, it’s hot, humid conditions, with moderate rainfall evenly distributed through 10 months of the year ensure the vines thrive.

Tonga produces the world’s best vanilla. It isn’t made in a lab but rather in a unique collaboration and partnership between Heilala and hard-working farmers and families who carefully cultivate and hand-select premium vanilla beans The Heilala team nurture the exotic orchid plants where each vanilla flower must be pollinated by hand before vanilla beans are hand-picked and slow-dried under the South Pacific sun where a magical fermentation process transpires and 200+ compounds are activated.

Ethically sourced and harvested from Tonga, vanilla-growing communities continue to be at the heart of Heilala's philosophy. Heilala don't simply support the people of the small Pacific Island Tonga. The people of Tonga are the lifeblood of the business. They are partners, colleagues, workmates, family and friends. As a result, Heilala can have a significant impact for good on the health and lives of the children and families of Tonga and this is further enhanced simply because Heilala are primarily a business of women.

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Introducing VanilleActiv2

Along with soothing the palate, the vanilla bean with its sweet, warm, rich aroma has also been found to contain certain compounds, which in their most concentrated form, can restore skin.

As experts in the vanilla industry, Heilala has a comprehensive understanding of the vanilla compounds’ and since 2016, their on-going R&D programme has undertaken extensive research and independent trials characterising the compounds that contribute to Heilala's unique flavour and aroma. Over the past six years, Heilala has looked wider for functional compounds relating to health, beauty and nutrition specifically looking at the lipid soluble fraction (LSF) of their vanilla beans. Preliminary analysis of the LSF indicated it contained two compounds which are known to support skin cell function for potential skin repair and anti-aging.





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Following this discovery Heilala consulted a leading formulation company and the project with in-vitro assays used to evaluate the synthesis of elastin, Type I collagen and Type III collagen in human fibroblast skin cells. The most recent clinical human skin trials conducted evaluated the efficacy of VanilleActiv2 and confirmed amazing results and statistically significant improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, roughness and density after a 6-week treatment.

Exclusive to Trilogy, VanilleActiv2 is the natural active anti-ageing ingredient in their Instant Glow Rosehip Oil. As a fatty-acid-rich lipid it keeps in moisture, protects the skin barrier, and soothes when dry or flaky. It also helps with the ever-sought-after production of collagen which is crucial for younger-looking skin.